Giving you more choice when it comes to buying your pet’s medication





To help you get the best possible treatment for your pet, without some of the hefty price tags,  we’ve teamed up with Pet health Direct to give you more choice when it comes to buying pet medication.

As part of this new partnership, not only do you get the opportunity to save money on your pet’s medication by ordering from an online pharmacy, Animal Friends customers also receive an exclusive 10% off every order in by ordering with Pet Health Direct.

Ordering your pet’s medication online isn’t just about the convenience of having it delivered to your door, or being able to track the status of your order, or even the ability to have automatic prescription refills...By getting medication at a reduced price online, you’re also protecting your insurance pot (the amount you can claim on your pet’s policy) for any other care or treatment your pet might need to keep them happy and healthy!


Start Saving Today

Step 1: Request your prescription from your vet
Step 2: Find your medication on the Pet Health Direct website and add it to your cart
Step 3: Use the code in your email for 10% off your order
Step 4: Relax and wait as the medication (and anything else you’ve ordered) comes direct to your door.