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Genitrix RIP Fleas Household Spray 600 ml

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RIP fleas is a household insecticidal spray which kills adult fleas on contact. It also works against flea eggs and larvae, ticks and dust mites for 12 months. Immature stages are prevented from developing and so never become adults. This extended period of cover protects your house from future attacks for a whole season. RIP Fleas should be used to treat the environment, while a product such as Frontline Spot-On should be applied to your pets. If these measures are taken before fleas can become established, you should never have a flea problem. Contains Permethrin, Tetramethrin and S-Methoprene. One spray can contains 600ml and covers 120sqm.

R.I.P Fleas - Unique Triple Action, Fragrant Environmental Spray.

It's triple action formula works instantly to stop fleas and house dust mites and provide more than traditional environmental sprays.It's unique triple action formula works instantly to stop fleas because it has three active ingredients instead of the two provided by traditional environmental flea treatments. It is also useful in the control of house dust mites and ticks in the environment. As well as rapid results R.I.P Fleas also has the assurance of 12 months efficacy in the environment.


Methoprene: a compound which mimics the insect juvenile hormone and disrupts the development of flea eggs and larvae in the environment, it is a well-proven Insect Growth Regulator. In real house studies methoprene has been shown to be a safe and effective way to control flea development for 12 months. Methoprene has the advantage of being highly fluid at room temperature allowing it to spread evenly and deeply into the carpet pile.

Permethrin: a potent insecticide with powerful contact action, it is light stable and was the first household synthetic pyrethroid insecticide authorised for the prevention of pests. It has a lethal effect on insects but due to it's chemical structure it has a low toxicity to most mammals and is ideal for the control and prevention of household insects.

Bioallethrin: although bioallethrin is a type 1 pyrethroid, it's effects on calcineurin resemble those of a type 2 pyrethroid. Unlike most type 1 pyrethroids, which are very weak, bioallethrin is a potent calcineurin inhibitor. Bioallethrin will therefore cause rapid paralysis allowing permethrin to kill the flea. Again the chemical structure means bioallethrin is very safe and well indicated for household use.