Oxbow Alfalfa Hay 425 gm

Oxbow Alfalfa Hay 425 gm

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Oxbow Alfalfa is a legume forage hay which is high in fibre with increased levels of energy, protein and calcium over grass hays. It is perfect for young and sick or recovering animals which need more concentrated nutrition. Once the animal reaches adulthood or recovers, their forage can be replaced with grass hay. Mixing Alfalfa with grass hay produces a rich, tasty, highly nutritious diet.


100% Alfalfa Hay. Preservative and additive free. Loose hay contains stems, leaves, and limited seed heads.


  • Crude Protein (min) - 16.00%
  • Crude Fat (min) - 1.50%
  • Crude Fiber (max) - 32.00%
  • Moisture (max) - 15.00%

Feeding guidelines 

Alfalfa Hay can be fed daily to growing animals as 25% of their total dietary intake. Adult animals should be limited to a small pinch as a treat.

  • Growing Animals (under 6 months) - Unlimited amounts, plus free choice grass hay
  • Mature Animals - Occasional small amounts
  • Nursing Females - Unlimited amounts in addition to free choice grass hay

Alfalfa Hay should only be offered carefully to mature rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, and prairie dogs due to the higher protein and calcium content. Many vets believe that animals prone to kidney stones, bladder stones or calcium crystals in their urine should always avoid alfalfa.

  • Alfalfa Hay can be used to help animals gain weight and will give a nice shine to their fur
  • Elderly animals should be fed foods they enjoy, such as alfalfa, when considering quality of life
  • Alfalfa Hay can be used in small amounts as an appetite stimulant for thin or convalescing animals
  • Rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas under six months of age can be given Alfalfa Hay daily
  • After six months of age an animal should begin a gradual transition to 100% grass hay such as Oat Hay, Western Timothy, Orchard Grass or Bunny Brome