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YuMove Working Dog 480 Tablets

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YuMOVE Working Dog is formulated with the demands of your working dog’s active lifestyle in mind, promoting mobility and supporting joint health as well as digestion. It’s a unique formula to help them get back to their best from a hard day’s work, season after season.

Directions for Use:

Your dog of any age, size and breed can have YuMOVE Working Dog. Due to its tasty nature, the tablet can be taken directly out of your hand or added to your pooch’s food. The tablets can be spread throughout the day or you can give the recommended amount in one go. 

New to YuMOVE?

We recommend that you double the daily amount for the first 4 weeks, so your dog  benefits, that will really get their tail wagging, as soon as possible.


Green Lipped Mussel

Natural Chondroitin found in our ActivEase ® Green Lipped Mussel (which contains 4x more active Omega 3s than standard version) helps to maintain cartilage and joints to help maintain performance for longer. 


Provides the major building blocks of cartilage – the tough connective tissue hat protects the joint,  

Hyaluronic Acid

A crucial part of the synovial fluid. It helps to lubricate and cushion the joint against tough working days,  


Helps to support cartilage, tendons and ligaments by encouraging collagen formation 

Beta Glucans

Supports healthy digestion, helping your dog get the nutritional requirements, energy and stamina they need each day