Florida Dog Missing for 7 Years Reunited with Owner, Found Over 1,000 Miles Away in Michigan

It's a reunion seven years in the making!

A dog named Sgt. Pepper was reunited with his owner on Wednesday in Michigan—more than 1,000 miles from where he went missing in 2014.

The Yorkshire terrier mix was just 6 years old when he disappeared from his Florida home, according to the Eaton County Animal Control.

Though his owner discovered a "found" posting for him on Craigslist at the time, Sgt. Pepper had already been "claimed by someone who was not his real owner" when his family reached out to collect the pup, the department said in a statement.

Unable to trace Sgt. Pepper, his owner filed a police report and notified the microchip company where she had registered the dog that he had been stolen.
"While we don't know every detail of Sgt. Pepper's journey, we did discover how he made it to Michigan," animal control officials said. "Sgt. Pepper had been living with a family for the last five years who were unaware of his microchip and stolen status."

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