Let sleeping dogs lie...with your children! Kids get better quality shut-eye when they sleep next to their pets, study suggests

Researchers analysed the sleep quality of 188 people aged between 11 and 17
They also looked at whether they had a pet at home and if they slept with them.

The authors found a clear link between higher sleep quality and a pet in the bed
This link applied to children and teenagers but not so much in the case of adults
The authors say children are smaller and pets may help lessen nighttime fears 
Letting children sleep next to their pets can help them get a better night's rest, according to a new study.

Researchers from Concordia University in Montreal analysed 188 people aged 11 to 17 about sleep habits and whether they have pets at home.
About half of children with a pet 'regularly share their bed' with the animal, say the authors, who wanted to find out what impact this has on sleep quality. 

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