Meet the marvellous mutts looking for a miracle this Christmas

We love all dogs of every shape, size, age and breed. And we have a real soft spot for our wonderful crossbreeds, mongrels and mutts. 

This National Mutt Day (2 December), the RSPCA is celebrating all of the wonderful crossbreeds in its care, and is urging adoptobers to consider giving a Heinz 57 dog a new home this Christmas. 


Charlie (pictured above) was rescued alongside 44 other dogs after being found living in a run down outbuilding in Ceredigion, in Wales, in January. The five-year-old is one of the last dogs rescued from the operation left looking for a new home after months of rehabilitation. He was very nervous and withdrawn when he arrived and wouldn’t move from the corner of his kennel for about six weeks. He slowly began to come out of his shell but didn’t take his first steps outside until May. He’s since come on leaps and bounds and is now ready to find a loving new home. He’s cheeky and affectionate and loves to play off the lead with his doggy friends. He needs a patient and quiet, adult-only home. Find out more about Charlie online or contact Newport Animal Centre on This video tells his story.



Hades is a handsome Labrador cross who has been waiting far too long to meet his perfect match. He’d like an adult-only home with experienced owners who can help him settle in and show him the ropes. While he’s a big lad, he can be nervous of strangers but is very loving and loyal once he knows you. He’s such a sweet, affectionate dog, once you get past his shyness. He was very under-socialised when he first arrived in RSPCA care but he’s been very brave and is learning every day. Hades would like a quiet home as the only pet with someone who will be around for most of the day. He needs someone patient and confident who can help him grow into a well-rounded and happy pooch. Find out more about Hades online or contact RSPCA South Cotswolds on


One-year-old terrier cross Cody is a sweet boy who is looking for experienced adopters who would be confident to continue with his training and behaviour work. He can be reactive around unfamiliar people, dogs and vehicles but has been doing well with training. He is happy on the lead and wearing his muzzle when he’s out in public. He’d like a quiet, rural home where he can come out of his shell. When he does, he’s very affectionate and playful. He wags his whole body with excitement and is incredibly intelligent, picking up new things very quickly! Find out more about Cody online or contact RSPCA Martlesham Animal Centre, in Suffolk, on


Three-year-old Japanese Akita cross Alfie has spent far too long looking for his forever home. This big goofball is very intelligent and knows lots of commands which he’s happy to show off for a treat. He loves to run around and snuggles up to you for a cuddle. He is a nervous boy so is looking for an adult-only home where he’ll be the only dog and can have all of the attention. He can get anxious walking on the lead past unknown dogs but he enjoys playing with dogs he knows. He can be restless at times and struggles when he’s left on his own so his new owners will need to help him with this. Alfie would suit a rural home in the countryside with a big garden where he can run and play. He’d benefit from experienced owners who will be able to help him grow into a wonderful, loving companion. Find out more about Alfie online or contact the team at Block Fen Animal Centre, in Cambridgeshire, on



Rottweiler cross Sam came into our care when he broke his leg in an accident and his owners couldn’t take care of him. The one-year-old spent a few months recovering and is now looking for a lovely new home. He was quite traumatised when he first arrived and was terrified of being handled but he’s now gaining confidence and he’s learned to be very sociable with people and other dogs. He absolutely loves to play football and has lots of energy so he’d like a fun, active home where he’ll go on lots of adventures. He’d like an adult-only home with a patient, experienced owner with experience of large breeds. He’d like to be the only dog in his new home and his new owners will need to restrict his exercise while he continues to recover. Find out more about Sam online or contact the team at Millbrook Animal Centre, in Surrey, on

Molly & Toffee

Ten-year-old crossbreed Molly and nine-year-old Jack Russell terrier Toffee have lots of energy and are looking for an adult-only home together. Molly is in good health and Toffee has epilepsy which requires medication. Poor Molly can be a little unsure around new people so is hoping for a calm, patient owner who can take things slow. She loves to play ball and would like a secure garden to play in. Toffee loves to be with you (preferably on your lap!) and adores cuddles and fuss but does, therefore, find it difficult being left home alone. This cute pair love each other but don’t like other dogs so will need owners who are happy to work with their reactivity in the new home, and people who are experienced in managing this. Find out more about Molly and Toffee online or contact the team at Southridge Animal Centre, in Hertfordshire, on


Deerhound cross Rory is only nine-months-old but already weighs in at over 30kg. This big lad is a gentle giant who is still growing so is looking for a home with owners who have owned big dogs before! He was sadly signed over into RSPCA care when he got too big for his previous home. He’s an inquisitive boy who is always on the go and would like patient owners who can train him and help him as he grows. He loves fuss and attention from people and also gets on well with other dogs but can chase cats and other small furries. He’d benefit from further training and needs to learn that it’s okay being left home alone. Find out more about Rory online or contact RSPCA Hillingdon, Slough, Windsor, Kingston & District branch - in south west London and Berkshire - on


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