Neglected elderly dog abandoned days before Christmas makes incredible transformation

Ten-year-old Molly-Moo has finally found happiness with her new best friend.

An elderly dog had almost given up on life when she was abandoned on the cold streets of Birmingham just days before Christmas. 


Ten-year-old German Shepherd cross mastiff was in a pitiful state when she was found wandering in Harborne on 20 December last year. West Midlands Police found her and managed to catch her and take her to the RSPCA.


Inspector Stephen Lee, who launched an investigation, said: “Poor Molly-Moo was in such a sorry state and looked so sad; when you looked in her eyes she seemed broken, like she’d given up hope. It was devastating.


“Molly was wandering along a busy, dangerous road and I believe she’d been dumped there by someone like rubbish. She was incredibly emaciated with bones protruding and had a bad, untreated skin condition.”



Molly was chipped and officers managed to trace her original owners but it turned out she’d been stolen from their garden six years earlier and they were now unable to take her back.


She was taken into the RSPCA’s Birmingham Animal Hospital for treatment and TLC. She was put on a special diet to help her put on weight and vets started to treat her skin condition. She spent six months with the staff rehabilitating and recovering until staff felt she was ready to find a loving new home. 


It didn’t take long for fabricator welder John Bebbington (55) from Leicester and his wife, Joanne, and 15-year-old stepson, Harry, to spot her photo online and fall in love.


John said: “We lost our Staffie after 13 years together and we weren’t really looking for another dog but, one day, we came across Molly-Moo’s photo online and we were all smitten. Her face just looked so sad and her story was heartbreaking. I’m glad she can’t talk because I don’t think I could face hearing what she’s been through. Our previous dog had 13 years of bliss and we felt we wanted to give Molly a good end of life.”


The family adopted Molly-Moo in June and said she was initially quite nervous and confused.


John said: “There was a lot of anxiety initially; she’d cry and manically look everywhere when we were out and about. I could tell she was anxious and frightened. Her skin was tough and rough like elephant skin, she stank and there were chunks of fur coming off all over the house. 


“It was a hell of an undertaking; we had to bathe her everyday and keep on top of her medication. We had to shampoo her, clean her ears and clean up after her as all of her scabs fell off and her fur came out. There were times when we thought: ‘What have we done?’ But then we remember what someone had done to her and how she deserved a happy and healthy life.


“Now, she’s like a totally different dog. Her fur has grown back and her ears have healed; her skin is soft. She’s also much happier in herself. We can let her off the lead and she toddles around the park socialising with other dogs. She’s really turned a corner and is very happy, sweet-natured and well-behaved. 


“She’s an older girl but it doesn’t stop her bounding around through the grass; it’s an absolute joy to see. She never goes far though; she won’t leave my side. I’ve definitely found a best friend for life; and she has too!”


This Christmas will be a far cry from how the old pooch spent her last Christmas, in RSPCA care surrounded by love but still skinny, itchy, frightened and confused. This year, she’ll know what it feels like to have a full tummy, a soft healthy coat, and a loving family around her excitedly opening presents together. 


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