RSPCA staff seek homes for ‘lovable’ lurchers

Five ‘lovable’ lurchers who are desperate to be loved are seeking fun-filled active homes to call their home.

Three-year-old Tiger-Lily was rescued by the RSPCA in May after being abandoned along with two friends. It’s believed they had all been used for hare coursing. Her two friends were soon rehomed but shy Tiger-Lily is still waiting for her forever home. 

Esme, Mila, Tati and Suzie - who are all beautiful, sleek, cream-coloured lurchers just like Tiger-Lily - came into the charity’s Block Fen Animal Centre, in Cambridgeshire, in August, as part of a police case. They were all found living in terrible conditions.

Kennel supervisor Tiffany Saunders said: “This fabulous five are all such wonderful, loveable dogs; but we struggle to show off this side to potential adopters as they’re so nervous around new people. 

“We really hope that there are families out there who will give them a chance and are willing to spend some time getting to know them, so they can see the playful, cheeky, loving dogs that we all know and love.

“Tiger-Lily, Esme, Mila, Tati and Suzie have been waiting for their new starts for far too long. They are shy and they will need owners who understand this and are willing to be patient with them. We’d also love to rehome all of them to homes with friendly, confident dogs who can help bring them out of their shells.”

Tiger-Lily loves people and really enjoys spending time with her human friends and having a fuss. She walks nicely on the lead and is very well-mannered around people and other dogs. Running is her favourite thing so we’d love her to go to a home with another playful dog and a large, secure garden where she can run and run and run! This kind-hearted girl would like an experienced home without children or small furry pets as she does like to chase. And she’d benefit from training and teaching, slowly, that it’s not scary to be home alone. 

Three-year-old Mila is a sweet girl who has never lived in a home before and will need help to adjust and adapt to a new way of living. She has always been around other dogs so would like a canine chum to play with and learn from. She’s very playful and cheeky but is nervous around new people. She’d like an experienced owner who can help build her confidence and a large, secure enclosed garden. 

One-year-old Esme has never experienced a normal family home so will need time to settle in and learn how it all works. She is always on the go and loves fuss and attention but can be shy at first so needs time to get to know new people. She gets on well with other dogs so would like a doggy friend in her new home. She’d be best with owners who are experienced with nervous dogs and in a home without other pets and with older children. 

Tati is one and has never lived in a home before. She’s a sweet girl who craves love and attention but takes her time to bond and get to know people. She’d like patient owners who can help her settle and gain confidence. She’d like to live with someone who is around for much of the day and can slowly teach her how to be home alone. She’s very clever and already knows lots of commands but would like to learn more to keep her busy! 

And one-year-old Suzie is shy at first but soon shows her cheeky side once she’s around people she trusts. She can be scared of sudden sounds or movements and it’s taken her time to be confident out on walks so she needs understanding owners who can help continue her training. She really comes out of her shell with a friend so would love to live with another dog who she can run and play with. 

Tiffany added: “Our pack of lurchers are the sweetest girls who just haven’t had the best start in life. They’ve never had the chance to live in a normal home or act like normal dogs, and they’ve had bad experiences with people that has left them shy and nervous but still desperate to be loved.

“Sadly, it can be tricky for us at Block Fen to find suitable homes for lurchers and we’ve really struggled to garner interest in our fabulous five. If you think you could offer one of these beautiful dogs a new home please do get in touch to find out more about who could be your perfect match!”

Visit Find A Pet to find out more about Tiger-Lily, Esme, Mila, Tati and Suzie or contact the team at Block Fen on or 0300 123 0726.

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