Ruff time! Poor Sam needs a loving new home after a streak of bad luck

Poor Sam has been in the wars with a broken leg - but now he hopes 2022 will be the year his luck turns around! 

A young dog who has had more than his fair share of bad luck is hoping 2022 will change his fortunes and he will find a loving new home. 

One year-old Sam, a cross breed at RSPCA Millbrook in Surrey, had a bad year in 2021. He broke his leg and found himself without a home. 


Thanks to the love and care from staff and volunteers at RSPCA Millbrook this handsome pup is now well on the mend after his operation, now all he needs is a loving new home. 


Deputy manager at Millbrook, Liz Wood said: “Poor Sam went through the mill in 2021 and we are hoping that 2022 will see him have a much better year and finally find the new home that he has been dreaming of. 


“He is so affectionate and playful - a typical one year old pup! But for some reason he has been overlooked. We really want his fortunes to turn around and for him to find that loving new home he deserves. 


“He loves nothing more than walking around with his favourite toys in his mouth, he is always so proud of them. He has been through a tough time and because of this he is nervous of a few things many other dogs take in their stride - like rides in the car, stairs, and trips to the vet. 


“We hope the perfect owner is out there for him - he really deserves to find them. His new home will ideally be cat free as he’s not too keen on cats! His new owners will also need to be ready for his strength and playful ways. He is so keen to please that if they are calm and patient with him he will soon learn how to be. 


She added: “He still has some trouble with his leg, but as long as he doesnt get too boisterous and he builds up his strength gradually he will be fine. His broken leg is now fixed, now all we have to do is mend his broken heart by finding him a home.”


🐾 Here’s Sam’s paw-rofile: 

Name: Sam

Age: One

Breed: Crossbreed

Likes: Playing, walking around showing off my squeaky toys

A bit about Sam: One year-old Sam is a very sweet boy and loves everyone he meets. He is still a pup at heart  and can be very playful - his favourite pastime is playing with his toys and proudly parading his favorites around, carrying them in his mouth! 

Sam is still recovering from surgery on his leg at the moment following an accident - but he is doing well. Due to this his exercise will need to be built up gradually over the coming months - but don't be fooled, he can still be strong on the lead.

He enjoys the company of other dogs and could live with another pup if they aren't too playful - due to his leg injury he cant play too roughly. However he will need a calm, adult-only home and he’s not too keen on cats! He still finds some life experiences scary and will need a kind, calm and patient owner to help build up his confidence with things like trips to the vets, journeys in the car, being left alone for too long and stairs.

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