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Hill's Prescription Diet i/d Sensitive Dog Food

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For the nutritional management of gastrointestinal disorders in dogs with suspected food sensitivities.

How it helps:

Prescription Diet i/d Canine Sensitive is specially formulated to help manage digestive disorders caused by food sensitivities.

Key Benefits

  • Highly digestible food to support relief from gastrointestinal upsets.
  • Select protein and carbohydrate sources help limit signs of food sensitivities.
  • Natural fibre helps promote a healthy balance of gut bacteria
  • Great taste your dog will love

Please consult your vet for further information and guidance on what is best for your dog.


INGREDIENTS: COMPOSITION: Cereals, eggs and egg derivatives, vegetable protein extracts, oils and fats, minerals, meat and animal derivatives, derivatives of vegetable origin. Protein sources: Dried whole egg, maize gluten meal. Carbohydrate sources: Brewers' rice, barley, oats. Highly digestible ingredients: Brewers' rice, dried whole egg, maize gluten meal, animal fat, vegetable oil.