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Revital Aid Vitamin Mineral Supplement 250 ml

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Revital Aid Vitamin Mineral supplement is a complete vitamin and mineral supplement that corrects dietary imbalances and helps improve appetite and recovery after illness.

Why Use Revital-Aid?

  1. Correct the Balance
    It is not always easy to ensure your pet maintains an ideal diet. The nutritional content of food can vary greatly making it difficult to achieve the correct dietary balance.

Also your pet's requirements for certain vitamins and minerals change at different stages in life (for example after illness).

This is why Revital-Aid has been specially developed to ensure your dog gets all the essential nutrients in measurements that make a real difference.

  1. Improve Appetite
    Revital-Aid has been specially formulated to help improve appetite. The tasty flavour is well liked by dogs and cats and the liquid form is easy to use.
  2. Enhanced Well Being
    By correcting and preventing dietary imbalances Revital-Aid with added ginseng will help increase vitality and overall well being.
  3. Helps with Recovery
Directions for Use

<5kg 2.5ml daily

5-10kg 5ml daily

10-20kg 10ml daily

>25kg 15ml daily