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Calmex for Horses 60 gm 24 pack

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A complementary feed supplement for horses with volatile temperaments or those who encounter stressful situations.

Signs of Anxiety

If your horse demonstrates any of the following characteristics, it may indicate fear or anxiety:

  • Stable vices such as box walking, crib biting, door kicking etc
  • Unwanted behaviours when tacking up or being ridden
  • Poor performance at competitions, when they usually perform well at other times
  • Unsociable behaviours towards people or other animals
  • Fearful behaviour (e.g shying, freezing, aggression) in everyday situations
Directions for Use:

Calmex Equine comes in a sachet which should be added to feed or mixed into a paste and syringed into the mouth. It can be given once per day, or split across two feeds. It can be used for short, medium or long term support.

Weight Recommendation
Up to 350kg 1/2 sachet
351-600kg 1 sachet
Over 601kg 1 1/2 sachets